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Fiber Glass Impregnation Line for CCL Prepreg, Verticle epoxy fiber glass impregnation line

Item No.: 005
For the fiber glass epoxy impregnation prepreg, FR1 kraft paper phenolic impregnation, vertical model is for high end PP impregnation, achieve high quality of basic PP for CCL and insulations.
Chart One, Application and Applicability
  1. Application
RY1500-LT-V VERTICAL PRE-PREG IMPREGNATION LINE, is used for glass fiber epoxy resin impregnation, dryer and stacking, mainly used for CCL, insulant panel and other related item production.
80~450gsm/cm2 900~1300mm glass fiber, glass fiber felt, kraft paper, cotton fiber  
  1. Surrounding
    1. Corrosion free, soluble resin glue;
    2. Surrounding temperature -50~+400C;
    3. Relative humidity: ≤90% ( at 200C );
Chart Two, basic specification
2.1 General
Model RY1500-LT-V3
Raw Web Glass fiber, glass felt, Kraft paper
Thickness of Web 1080, 2116, 7628 & glass felt
Width of Web 900~1300mm
Glue Soluble Glue, Soluble Epoxy Glue
Solid Resin Content of Pre-Preg. 35~65%
Solid Content of Glue 56~70%
Solvent Acetone DMF mixed solvent
T/W ±5g
G/T ±8s
Operating width 1500mm
Mechanical Speed 0~15m/min
Operating Speed 2~10m/min
Heating Method Thermal oil heating reflection and hot air auxiliary
Tension Control ±5
Temperate Control ±5
Heating Chamber Temperature 1200~2500C
2.2 General Profile Data
Max. Diameter of Web Roll Ø 800mm
Max. Loading Weight 1000kg
Diameter of expanding roller Ø 76mm
Length of Chamber unit 3000mm
Web drying trip 18000mm
Chamber Drying Width 1600mm
Length Max.26000mm
Width Max.8000mm
Height Max.16500mm
Operating Side Left of web movement
Driven side Right of web movement
2.3 Drive & Power Supply
Power supply 380V AC, 50/60Hz, 3PH
Power of Control 220V AC, 50/60Hz, 1PH
Power of Consumption ~150kw
Heating Media Thermal oil, inlet ≥2500C
Heating Consumption 500,000kcal/hour
Compressed Air 0.5~0.7Mpa
Compressed Air ~0.88M3/min
Cooling Water ~2M3/min
Cooling Water Pressure 0.2~0.4Mpa
2.4 Production Capacity Factors
Production capacity is subject to epoxy verticle, horizontal impregnation line design, technical specification basically, also related with web weight, kinds of resin glue, glue formula, saturating properties of web, glue pick-up content, surrounding temperature, circulation air flow, skills of operator, etc.



Hitesh L. Valera
Aug 21, 2023
Required above subject machin on urgent basis. Pl. Provide technical details, machine layout, electrical Power required, cost analysis sheet, etc along with price and delivery time. Quantity 1 machine. Type of raw material detail also.
Hemanth Potluri
Feb 06, 2021
Looking for NTRY 1500-LT-V vertical impregnator. Here are the details Material: Glass fiber; Styles: 7628, 2116, 1080 Resin: Epoxy Resin Solvent: Acetone Fabric width: 900-1300mm Production Speed: 15m/min Resin loading: Up to 60% Sheet shearing: to be included Accumulator: optional Please let me know if you need further details regarding the requirements. Please contact me on hemanth.potluri@onyxmaterials.com
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