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Zero Sychronization Concrete Special Press Plate

Item No.: 016
Low pressure plate installation, pretreatment and operating
  The new press plate uses for the first time, should use clean gauze, dipped in detergent diluted with hot water, clean the surface of plate, rinse, wipe off the water stains, and air dry.
1, it is better to have plate clamp with slot on the suspension device which is convenient to adjust the position of plate so as to maintain the shape and flatness of plate.
2, the cushion pad should be laid flat and not deformed.
3, avoid falling into lubricant and debris during mounting.
4, if a tension device is used, the expansion factor should be in consideration.
   Pretreatment process
In order to achieve perfect lamination effects, we suggest adaptive pretreatment due to short cycle lamination press performance, pressure, and lamination process variety, it has been verified a good result under our years experiments and research.
1, when the press plate is first used, the surface is coated with a release agent or special silicon oil. Under repeated temperature changes, the release agent can penetrate into the capillary pores of plate to form a kind of meticulous and strong membrane film on top of plate surface.
2, put 1 or 2 pieces of white paper, in the middle of it, put 2 or 4 pieces of kraft paper. All these papers are non-impregnated to avoid glue resin cured onto hot press plate when press is open without pressure.
3, closing hot press without pressure, increasing press plate temperature in turn of 300C-600C -900C-600C-1200C-900C-1500C up to max. operating temperature, repeating the turn after 20minutes, then cooling temperature by air naturally. Applying pressure at about 20~30kg/cm2. in this repeating temperature and steady pressure, it keeps press plate surface structure flat, last long operation precious without brightness variety.
4, we suggest clients of Melamine Flooring composites and Melamine faced composites, to choose our hard chromed press plate as its high surface hardness and good durability. There is melamine wearable paper or overlay paper contenting Al2O3 abrasive material, hard chromed press plate can last plate operating life during this kind of lamination.

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