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35m/min High Speed Melamine Impregnation Line

Item No.: 009
RY1500B 3+5 high speed and low efficiency melamine paper impregnation line, tailor-made hot air distributing system guarantee rich heating for wet Melamine Formaldehyde resin drying, synchronization unit and extra half bridge conveyor adopted
HighLights in Design for 3+5 8oven model melamine impregnation line

Thick plate frame for steady impregnation unit, with high glossy chromed doctor rollers, long time and easier glue pickup device. 

Main Features:
Printed paper has a thorough impregnation in glue bath; glue content pick‐up is gauged by the gap between two doctor rollers, roller gap is automatically adjust by screw motor device. 
1, Built‐in Thick Steel Plate structure, Steady with no any waving. Keeps doctor roller gap without tolerance after adjustment. High precision squeezing roller in chrome‐galvanized, long operating life.
2, S‐Roller tractor unit, Nos 3piece chrome‐galvanized roller, driven by VVVF control, guarantee operating liner speed with un‐winder, avoiding paper break.
3, Back‐coating device, Nos 3piece of chrome‐galvanized roller, one is for back coating, and other two piece for angular adjustment when paper guiding through. Nos 3 piece roller is VVVF controlled liner speed by hand‐knob roller located in RV decelerator.
4, Electrical Sky Roller device consists of one breathing roller and one banana roller. The device is driven vertically movement at Max. height of 4.5meter. this makes paper goes in a extra length to give enough time for glue impregnation. Breathing roller is driven by VVVF decelerator.
5, Doctor Roller device, Nos 2 of Hard‐chrome Galvanized High Glossy roller; one roller located in a fixed position and driven by decelerator thorough universal joint. Another piece roller can be adjusted gap between two rollers. The movable roller at φ290mm, there is electronics screw controls roller horizontal movement; the gap precision will be Tan10 x 0.75mm/(3.14 x 24mm) in stepless at a 1.7x10‐4MM degree (0.1micro);
6, Germany Baumer Approaching sensor feedback control, setting digital doctor roller gap and Programming adjustment automatically and indicating directly on color touching screen; after the gap is adjusted, two pairs of air cylinder to lock its setting position without loose.
8, both end of doctors, adopts glue scraper to trim extra glue remains.
9, Smoothing roller device, two piece of chromed SS roller adopted. Counter roller give a reversing leveling of glue, individual VVVF controls smoothing liner speed and keep the surface glue content in the same and steady Quantity.
10, Resin Bath device, full SS material inter‐layered structure; bath is movable lifting to keep a thorough consumption for glue remains; variety heating can be connected to keep bath glue in a fixed temperature, thus guarantee paper quality without seasons different; temperature control device is built‐in with supplied Impregnation line; glue bath with four universal feet, easier for clean and replacement.

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