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Kraft Paper One Step Impregnation Line

Item No.: 008
Designing for high speed, low phenolic formaldehyde resin pickup, long life, one step impregnation line matches formica hpl, compact hpl core paper production. high speed rotary paper sheet cutter enhances impregnation line speed and efficiency.
One Step Impregnation Line for Phenolic Kraft Paper, mostly it is 4ft line, suiable for 4x8ft and 1.3 x 2.8 Meter hpl finishing. In some case, the client also impregnate 8ft width paper and cut 8ft x 4ft in size to achieve high effiency.

In compact HPL production, 
Use urea and formaldehyde as raw material, after many condensation reactions characterized of the growth of water-based resins: low shrinkage tendency; low transparency; chemical resistance; low surface deformation tendency. The white, light-color, plain-color woodgrained paper is pressed by short cycle laminating hot press all impregnation process with two segments. In the process, the paper is dipped in the firet rubber tank with a mixture of urea formaldehyde or urea and melamine gum, which is then coated in a second layer of pure melamine resin.      

Especially in the production of light-colored paper, the opaque components of the urethral gel will enhance the covering power of the impregnated paper in the heat pressure.
The first section USES urea glue for impregnating paper, which can reduce the tension between the surface of the plate and the surface and reduce the tension between the surface and the pressure surface.

One step Impregnation Line contents below unit:
1, Instant force horizontal kraft unwinder.
2, Verticle squeezing doctor roller, tailor made for Phenolic Formaldehyde resin.
3, 3.75M high air flow heating chambers.

4, enhanced air cooler.
5, kraft paper web aligner.
6, cooling water circulation drum tractor.
7, high speed rotary cutter.
8, high speed bridge conveyor.
9, hydraulic driven liftable paper stacker. 

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